DivFix++ 0.34

Simple tool to repair broken AVI files and preview them


  • Easy to use
  • Support for drag-and-drop
  • Quick and lightweight


  • No proper configuration options
  • No documentation


According to its developer, DivFix++ is a complete rewrite of DivFix and just like its mother app, it lets you fix broken AVI files and preview partially-downloaded movies.

These two actions are particularly useful if you download videos from P2P networks or websites frequently, as some of them may not download properly – and so they need repairing. Or, you may simply want to make sure that the file name corresponds to the actual content – which you can check with the preview tool.

DivFix++ is very easy to use: open the file you want to work with (or just drag and drop it onto the program's interface) and you're ready to go. You can check one file at a time or create a list to process them one after the other and save time.

On the downside, DivFix++ doesn't feature a proper configuration menu: it only includes the option to use a default media player and a drop-down menu where you can choose the program's language. By the way, the latter displays an error message if you don't choose any language before closing it. The program doesn't include any documentation either.

With DivFix++ you can easily preview partially downloaded AVI files and try to fix them if they're broken.



DivFix++ 0.34

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